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TIR Garage / Repairs, Inspections

Repairs, maintenance and inspections of trucks and cargo vans

The experienced team of mechanics, modern equipment and a huge amount of spare parts at our magazine, ensure the fast diagnose of the defect and proper way of repair.
Repair of axes and trailers
We have authorisation and are contracted as a service point of BPW axes and products of Kaessbohrer which allows us to do repairs under guarantee.
Truck tire service
We also are a part of the Continentals Conti360* service. We can ensure our clients for adequate and efficient service and we are also able to analyse cases of guarantee on the truck tires. Beside this we are able to offer Continental truck tires at a very attractive price with the assistance on matching the right tires to the right needs of the vehicle.
Fuel station and truck wash
On our terrain we also have a fuel selfservice station and a hand wash station for truck and cargo van.
We also provide our repair and maintenance service for external clients or clients in need of road assistance.
We invite you:
On Monday from:             8:00  till  18:00
From Tuesday till Friday:  7:00  till  18:00
On Saturday from:           7:00  till  16:00

Fax: +48 68 328 88 55
Tomasz Tokarski - Language: English
Chief of Garage
tel. +48 68 328 88 50
mobile +48 600022386
Sebastian Malarz - Languages: English
tel. +48 68 328 88 54
mobile +48 600028538
Karolina Kuś - Languages: English
Office / Fuel sale
tel. +48 68 328 88 51