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Quality Politics

Approving the above mentioned company politics, the management commits employees to do their activities according to the company procedures. This in order to keep our clients satisfied and, at the same time, to ensure further development of the company under strictly defined rules of BHP (Work Safety regulations) and environmental protection.
The most important politics applied into our company in the matter of quality management and environmental protection are:
  • Keeping close relations of trust between clients, subcontractors and government authorities.
  • Ensuring continuous access to resources which allows to maintain the expected level of quality and safety in the company.
  • Being a good example by promoting the high standards of quality and safety in the transport branch.
  • Reducing the number of damages and losses and improving the quality management system on daily basis by analysing the recorded data in our company.
  • Rating our goals and politics over the quality to ensure its desirability and adaptation to activity of our company and its individual areas.
  • Protection of the surrounding natural environment from dangerous influences of our company.
  • As a minimum: to comply with the actual regulations according to the law and the requirements of the authorities over the environmental safety.
  • Focus on continuous reducing of the consumption of resources and media like diesel, water, electricity and the production of waste.
  • Showing our good will in the matter of disclosure of information, openness and cooperation if any questions come up about the safety of the environment in the area of our transport company.
Jacek Miłkowski
President of the Board.