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Liquid Chemicals Carriages

Transport of liquid chemicals – AnneCHEM
Transport of liquid chemical goods in national and international relations is the main specialisation of Anneberg company. We are able to take care of all requests into this branch.   
We transport almost all liquid chemical substances like:
Dispersions, polyols
Poisons, (phenol, perchloroethylen,  otoluidyn)                                                                
Oils and oils additives

Our fleet represents:
- Single compartment tanks ( mostly  Feldbinder)
- Volumen 30 000 - 33 000 L,
- Capacity 25- 27 ton,
- All ADR certified
- All tankers thermally isolated
- Including autonomic product heating system while carrying out the transport at longer
  distances,  allowing to keep the product at temperatures even above 100 degrees Celsius.
- Only trucks according to EURO 5 and EURO 6 emission norms.
Drivers: with many years of experience in transport of dangerous goods with tank trailers. Periodically trained by Anneberg in BBS (Safe driving training). On request we also can arrange 2 drivers on vehicle for very quick deliveries.
Speciality: Transport of waste, including dangerous waste and distribution of liquid chemicals.
Dedicated transport: : According to the wishes of our client, we also organize dedicated transport vehicles with, for example, the company’s logo on the tankers, used just for the particular client.
Insurance: as per the police of Anneberg Transpol Int. we are insured for liability of transport and spedition with our German insurance company Oscar Shunck. We are insured with a limit of 2.5 million euro per case.

Monitoring: all trucks are equipped with a telematics system  TRANSICS  which allows us to monitor our transports at every moment of the day. According to this advanced connection our forwarders have access to the system 24/7.

Contact to department:                                                                                                                                               
Fax: +48 68 328 88 11
Artur Nowotny
Dyrektor ds Rozwoju
mobile +48 602316063
Hanna Maj - Languages: German, English
Forwarder - Chemicals
tel. +48 68 328 88 47
fax. +48 68 328 88 11
mobile +48 600974454
Anna Majorek - Languages: French, English
Forwarder – Chemicals
tel. +48 68 328 88 30
mobile +48 600028514
Leszek Baworowski-Languages: English
Forwarder – Chemicals
tel. +48 68 328 88 71
mobile +48 600028527