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IT System
In order to gain the trust of our clients, we provide our services in compliance with their  needs. Systematically expanding and looking for new, qualitatively better solutions – all these to meet requirements of demanding transport market.
In 2010 we have introduced new IT fleet management system (Interlan) with data exchange between the management centre and operating fleet. All Anneberg’s vehicles are under regular supervision by the telematics system of Transics company  which allows us regular monitoring of the carriage  as well as the planning and deliver time control of the goods.
Among others, we have a possibility to:
- continuous delivery term surveillance of executing orders –ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival),
- monitor our drivers working hours according to the convention of AETR,
- scan and send transport documents after delivery of the goods,
- control, in a real time, of working processes at all levels of the transport,
- monitor status of load through the web site – available to the customer,
- compatibility with external informatics systems used by our Partners.
fax.   +48 68 328 88 11 
Jolanta Kubiak
tel. +48 68 328 88 42