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AdBlue Distribution

Distribution – AnneAdBleu
Since the introduction of AdBlue in 2006, Anneberg has expanded its services by the distribution carriages of liquid chemicals. Dedicated tanks, with certified flow measurement equipment, allows us to deliver products to more than one discharging point. IT tools used in logistics allows, in order to reduce costs of distribution, to optimize the routes. Dedicated and experienced in this specialization staff, guarantees the complex control, including cost-quantity issues. Our company since years carries  AdBlue  for  well known European and domestic distributors.
Insurance: as per the policy of Anneberg Transpol Int. we are insured for liability of transport and spedition with our German insurance company Oscar Shunck. We are insured with a limit of 2.5 million euro per case.

Monitoring: all trucks are equipped with a telematics system, TRANSICS, which allows us to monitor our transports at every moment of the day. Thanks to this advanced connection our forwarders have access to the system 24/7. 


Contact AdBlue:     
fax: +48 68 328 88 11
Magda Sowińska - Languages: German, English
Forwarder (Bitumen/AdBlue)
tel. +48 68 326 66 43
mobile +48 600028520