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„Quality is a way of thinking, which result in applying and continuously looking for the best solutions”
                                                                                                                    W.E. Deming.
The expanding transport market and our position on it have resulted in interest of our services by mayor and well-known companies in Europe. And exactly the satisfaction of our clients and the trust they give us, but also more than 100 qualified, responsible and committed personnel are our largest, giving us te most satisfactory achievements. But beside this:
  • The modern and specialized fleet
  • The forwarding and technical backyard
  • 25 years on demanding European market
From the very beginning Anneberg Transpol continuously improves the quality of  services, as per our awarded certificates and prices. A special attention is applied to the issues of safety during the transport of goods. In order to this, we have taken many actions, which have direct input into continuously improving the safety of the environment and our employees.
Since 2005 we employ internal Safe Driving Instructor, who trains new but also experienced drivers over improvement of safety while driving, driving culture and  getting the better economical coefficients while driving, but also how to secure  transported goods in a proper way.  
The President of the company Jacek Miłkowski is, for many years, a member of the Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry, working actively in the commission of transport and distribution PIPC.
By improving the quality management system ISO 9000, introduced in 2001, we have received the Environmental Management System ISO 14001.
     ISO 9001:2008
   ISO 14001:2004 14001:2004                                     
In order to efficiently control and minimalize the risk of danger to the health and safety of our employees, while performing their work, we have introduced a management system of the Work Safety, OHSAS 18001. Compliance with specified procedures, allows to control, minimalize, and prevent -  increases the safety at work – as well as the quality of our services.                                                                     
                                                                                                        OHSAS 18001:2007
Since the safety has a tremendous importance in the chemical sector, due to the danger while chemicals are transported, often extremely dangerous, we have let our company to be tested according to the requirements of the Safety & Quality Assessment System, SQAS to analyse and evaluate our system of work and quality management.
Safety & Quality Assessment System
According to the corporate purposes, we are focused on training all our employees, especially our drivers. In our branch a good driver is one of the most important links of activity. That is why we have introduced the training program for new and but also experienced drivers, with a special attention over BBS – Behaviour Based Safety driving.
For respecting and promoting the ethics in business, term payment of all obligations and respecting ecology and consumers rights, we have been awarded “Solidna Firma” (The Solid Company). Our company is also entered in the “Biała Lista” (The White List) – reliable and trustworthy business partner.
For many times, since 2005, we have been honoured with the certificate of Przedsiębiorstwo Fair Play (The Fair Play Company), with a Golden Statue therein. This award is the prove for acting in compliance with the rules of the Code of Ethics and Business Culture.
„Puls Biznesu”, a daily newspaper, acknowledged our membership to the elite Klub Gazel Biznesu (The Club of Gazelles Business). This award was granted by the participation in ranking of the most dynamically developing businesses of middle and small companies.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             2002 – 2007
Our reliability over financial issues in co-operation with our business partners can be easily checked in Krajowy Rejestr Długów (The Polish National Debt Register), which co-operates only with reliable partners.  
Care for our employees was highly appreciated by Państwowa Inspekcja Pracy (The Polish Labour Inspection). In 1998 we were the winners in the nationwide contest “Pracodawca – Organizator Pracy Bezpiecznej” (The Employer – The Organizer of safe working). Last year we also where awarded for activities aiming at improvement of the level of BHP (Health and Safety) and environment safety at our company.
Being very satisfied with co-operation with our company, the business partners Total, BP, in particular, gave us recommendations, and Business Centre Club awarded us with European Medal for national and international road transport.
Our company cannot be missed in the branch organisation Zrzeszenie Międzynarodowych Przewoźników Drogowych (The Association of International Road Transport Carriers), of which we are a member since ever. Anneberg as a transport company has all necessary licences, certificates and permissions imposed by the Law.
According to ADR requirements, since 2002 we have employed the Safety superviser, over dangerous goods issues.
Since 2007 Anneberg is a member of Stowarzyszenie DGSA (DGSA association)  taking active part in their seminars.
Improving and enhancing knowledge over dangerous goods carriages also take place during the yearly conferences organized by Stowarzyszenie Inżynierów I Techników Kolejnictwa (Polish Association of Transport Engineers and Technicians),  and Transportowy Dozór Techniczny (Transportation Technical Supervision).
We participate in our local community, supporting where possible.