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About us

„Each one of us is creating quality,
  all together we create Anneberg”
For more than 27 years on the national and international transport and spedition market with a great, professional and committed team.
We are able to solve even the most difficult challenges in the field of road transport and it’s organisation. This mainly with taut trailers, tankers and kippers.
Anneberg Transpol - means:
27 years of presence on the transport market allowed us to create a perfect team. All of our driver’s and forwarders are ADR qualified and almost all of our drivers own a BBS certificate. Many employees are in Anneberg already since the beginning of the ’90-ties.
Anneberg Group owns almost 200 trucks and another several dozen of trucks available with our trusted subcontractors. We are always prepared, together with our partners in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Norway and White Russia, to handle bigger projects. Our achievements also resulted in a good cooperation with several other companies at the European market.

IT – Fleet Management System
In 2010, in order to manage better and more professional services, we introduced a new fleet management system into our company. This system is compatible with many of our client’s systems like for example SAP. All Anneberg trucks are constantly monitored by this telematics management system, which allows us, at any moment, to keep an eye on the cargo and its planned time of delivery.
  • Our modern fleet EURO 5 and EURO 6 + ESP. 
  • Our experienced drivers, systematically trained over defensive and economic driving.
  • All new employed drivers starts with 3-months training leaded by our internal master driver instructor; then are periodically trained over BBS (Behaviour Based Safety)  
  • Anneberg Transpol is insured for civil liability as a carrier and freight forwarder at the German insurance company Oskar Schunks with a maximum   with a maximum of € 2.500.000,- per case.
  • Anneberg owns all legally required insurances, permissions and works under CMR and ADR convention.
  • Internal DGSA Advisor
Since the very beginning of Anneberg Transpol, we are continuously improving the quality of our services. It is for sure, that care for the entrusted goods for carriage is our top priority, as we strictly work accordingly to our certificates:  
- ISO 14001, Environmental Management.
- ISO 9001, Quality Management.
- OHSAS 18001, Occupational Health and Safety Management. 
- SQAS, Safety & Quality Assessment System for road transport as per the recommendations
of the European Chemical Industry Council.
For many years we are participating in different contests, e.g. the Solid Company, the Business Gazelles, the Fair Play Company, the Safe Work Employer.
Liquid Chemicals - AnneChem
We can transport almost all liquid chemicals, solvents, acids, poisons, oils and additives as ADR and non ADR. All tank trailers are thermally isolated and the most of them are equipped with an autonomic heating system which keeps the product on a steady temperature while we are carrying out the transport. It allows us to transport liquids at far distances with constant temperatures even above 100 degrees Celsius. 
Bitumen - AnneBitum
Our experienced drivers transport asphalt, pitch, tar and oils even at a temperature of 250 degrees Celsius, for a long and short distances. Our very light weighted tank trailers which are very well isolated and manned by two drivers, make long distance transports possible of even 26 tons of a particular product. 
Volume and Packaged goods - AnneTilT
A several dozen of (standard) taut liners (XL-Code certified), which can be loaded from the roof, the side and the back allows us to transport all packaged and stacked goods including ADR goods and (packed/baled) waste.
We are experienced in the transport of for example components like part of steel constructions, raw materials in for example Big Bags or IBC’s and finished products in cartons on pallets etc. Every taut liner is standardly equipped with 20 belts (500 Dan), anti-slip mats and corner protectors together with a complete ADR equipment. You can find our taut liners on the road all over the Europe. Especially between Poland, Italy and the Benelux, where our prior markets are.
Waste -AnneWaste
Year after year we transport more and more waste. This is a special part of our transport service. To do this the knowledge about the different procedures, which are to be respected  in different countries, is highly necessary. As well as the knowledge of different transport vehicles manned by qualified personnel. We own all legal permissions to carry out these transports.
Anneberg carries the liquid waste in its tank trailers and solid waste in its taut liners and kipper trucks, at the Polish and other European country roads. 
Distribution - AnneAdBlue
For several years Anneberg has been active with the distribution of liquid chemicals (Ad-blue) to many well-known European customers. Dedicated tankers with a certified flow measurement device allows us the delivery of the product to multiple customers with one tank trailer. Our IT system makes it possible to optimize the route as to reduce the costs of the distribution. Employees, trained and experienced with this product, guarantee full control on this process and it’s costs.
Bulk/loose goods - AnneDump
We have introduced the carriages of waste by the kippers specially to comply with the needs of our clients. Today, we carry all goods as per our client needs.
 Our complex offer also contains:
- Oversized loads
- Partial loads
- Storage
Dangerous Goods - AnneADR
- All drivers and forwarders are trained over ADR
- All trucks are ADR certified
- Internal DGSA Advisor
Spedition – AnneSped
Anneberg - also 25 years of experience in spedition.
Technical Backup - AnneTech
We own the truck garage, where our experienced mechanics can carry out quick and professional repair and maintenance of our fleet, as well as for third parties. We also invite you to our fuel and cleaning stations.
The Customs Office
We provide complex services to our clients, also in the range of customs clearances and consulting.
Anneberg in Europe
- Denmark / Gronbierg
- Germany / Kaufungen
- Sweden / Goeteborg
- White Russia / Mińsk
- Poland / Zielona Góra

Marzena Pieniążek - Language: English
tel. +48 68 328 88 00
fax. +48 68 328 88 11